238 days richer

Before I start let’s just take a moment to celebrate England’s 6-1 victory today. Oh yes, what a match! If we keep playing like that we’ll be doing alright. Maybe it was because I wore my lucky shirt today?


So, back to me being rich. I’m not motivated by money and I find it quite sad when people tell me they are. There’s so many other things in life which can motivate us to achieve happiness. To me, being motivated by money usually means greed but can also mean someone doesn’t realise what actually makes them happy. I used to be motivated by materialism and I always wanted the best of everything whatever it may be. Now I know that money and ‘stuff’ doesn’t bring me happiness. There’s a lot more to life than having a nice house, car and a load of gadgets we don’t really need. However, the amount of money I was spending on this stuff to find comfort and happiness is crazy.  I was spending even more on alcohol, cigs and partying. Most weeks I was drinking at least 4 days. Unless I was forced to i.e. out of work, skint, etc … I wouldn’t buy the cheap crap, I’d buy exactly what I wanted. It was usually my favourite red wine if I was staying at home and not the cheapest beers when I was out and about. Let’s think about how much I spent without leaving the house. I wouldn’t usually stick at one bottle so let’s say 8 bottles of wine over 4 days at £8 per bottle. That’s £64 per week before I’ve even left the sofa. Then there would be cigs on top of that so you’re talking £10 per night + £64 on wine and you have a grand total of £104 per week and that’s just staying at home. I’m shocking myself as I write!

When I went out at the weekend it would be a completely different scenario. I would think nothing of spending £30 on a taxi to get home. When I lived in Huddersfield going out was always expensive because I lived in the middle of nowhere and public transport wasn’t the best. Most of the time I would head to Canal Street, Manchester so I’d be looking at a taxi into town then getting the train to Huddersfield before I stepped foot in a bar. I’d easily be looking at spending £100 on each occasion.

So overall I reckon I was spending around £400 per month at least, and I absolutely could not afford to. Obviously things were a lot easier whilst I was in a relationship because there’s 2 wages coming in but when that’s not the case it can be disastrous. I got myself in a lot of debt whilst I was drinking. When I was on a decent wage with a decent job I could afford that lifestyle but things happened and due to the nature of addictive behaviour, I found it difficult to break the habits and carried on living the same lifestyle even when I wasn’t earning the same money and living alone. My life and spending was out of control and I felt like I was going off the rails.

When we talk about being rich we automatically think money. How wrong we are! Being rich isn’t about having money. It’s about knowing the secret to having all you want in life. My Nan never had money but she used to say she was very rich. Rich in love with all the wonderful family and friends she had around her. I know exactly what she means. Getting sober has made me realise what’s important in life. It’s made me realise who my real friends are and it’s also made me learn a lot about myself and what actually makes me happy. I love living the quiet life now and just being comfortable with who I am and not living a life society and everyone else wants me to live. I am living as me and forming relationships that wouldn’t have happened whilst I was drinking. Alcohol forced me to be around people who aren’t necessarily the right kind of people for me and I did things out of expectation rather than what I’m comfortable with. Then on a lot of occasions I’d feel anxious because I was uncomfortable so I’d get drunk to ‘deal’ with the situation. It’s a vicious circle! I realise now that the only thing I had in common with some of those ‘friends’ and the people I started a relationship with is alcohol.

I’m richer financially

I’m richer in happiness

I’m richer in love

I’m rich beyond my wildest dreams!

Thanks for reading.

Claire xx


  • Well written

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  • anna12hours

    Totally agree with you! It’s crazy – I could always afford the damn wine even when I actually couldn’t and it was always “the good stuff”. Well, as far as you can call ingesting ethanol “good stuff”, but you know what I mean. I’d turn my nose up at the £5 supermarket bottles of wine, as if – and I can’t bloody write this without laughing at how stupid I was – I was a better drunk because I didn’t drink cheap wine. I struggle to be honest about it because it makes me cringe just writing it!!!! Five months and two days here, and looking forward to reaching 238 days like you! A MASSIVE STANDING OVATION from me!! Awesome job!! Anna x

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  • Very good advice from your Nan 🙂

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