Happy New Year

I know I’m late to the party and it’s been a while since I wrote anything on here. I’ve been thinking of posting for a few weeks but to be honest, I’ve no idea where to start. What a year!

The pandemic wasn’t really that much of a problem for us, until we tested positive a week before Christmas, but more of that later. Everyone has an opinion, everyone has a comment and COVID-19 has definitely brought the best and worst out in people, on social media or not. I stopped watching the news on a regular basis a while ago. It was causing me so much anxiety and I just can’t handle it anymore. I’ve also adjusted my social media to reflect more positive news rather than ‘the virus this and the virus that’. I’m gobsmacked how many ignorant and selfish people are out there to be quite honest. Don’t get me started on the people that are convinced they’ve had the virus but kept quiet through fear of making family/friends/colleagues isolate. If I know of a few culprits, imagine how many there are we don’t know about!

“The world has enough beautiful mountains and meadows, spectacular skies and serene lakes. It has enough lush forests, flowered fields, and sandy beaches. It has plenty of stars and the promise of a new sunrise and sunset every day. What the world needs more of is people to appreciate and enjoy it.”

—Michael Josephson

Anyway, we’ve missed being able to go for a meal and obviously missing out on three holidays was a bit rubbish, however we definitely made the correct decision and had a great time in the UK. We’ll make up for it in time, whether that’s this year or next year – it’s really not that big a deal. People are losing their parents, siblings, children, aunts, uncles and friends via online streaming. There’s worse things than not being able to get your hair done or going for a few pints, and it’s not going to be forever. If you’ve refused to wear a mask, social distance, or have the vaccine – wake the **** up! It’s you that’s stopping the pubs, salons and gyms opening. It’s like people who don’t vote complaining about the state of the country. If you didn’t do your bit, you’ve no right to complain.

I was on Furlough for three months from when we went into Lockdown 1. I went back into the office in July and stayed that way until just before Christmas. I had no COVID-19 symptoms whatsoever but was full of a cold for about two weeks. On 16th December I started with a headache and went for a test, even though I still had none of the main symptoms. JT and I were fully expecting a negative result and I received the text two days later. I casually looked for the message that would reassure me we’re all fine and couldn’t believe my eyes. It was positive so JT booked a test and was down at the centre within the hour. Don’t forget, neither of us have ANY symptoms at this point. The morning after I woke up feeling horrendous and I would spend the next five days in bed, eating only so I could take medication and getting out of bed to go to the toilet next door. I can see why the vulnerable have a lot less chance with this virus because those few steps to the toilet was like climbing a mountain. By this time, we fully expected JT’s result to come back positive and it did, a couple of days later. I’m not going to bore you with all the details because compared to some, we’re both extremely lucky, but to those who say the virus is like flu or a bad case of flu – it isn’t. I’ve had flu and it was so easy compared to this. I don’t get ill very often so I haven’t got much to compare it to but I’ve never felt as exhausted in all my life. I’ve definitely never had an illness that’s made me struggle for breath whilst talking on the phone! Wear a mask and keep your distance, PLEASE!

Thankfully, I’m working from home now and I hope things will stay that way for a while or until we’re out of lockdown, at least. For reasons I can’t talk about here, work has been very stressful for me and my priority at the moment has to be getting plenty of exercise, practising mindfulness and staying safe. As long as I’ve got everything I NEED (home, food, money to pay bills, safe family) I’m fine.

One thing I’m so thankful for, is my recovery and sobriety. For me the pandemic would have been a lot different without the knowledge I have around alcohol and mental health. There’s never been a better time to get sober and if you’re struggling with addiction, there’s tonnes of help out there at the moment. Recovery groups are hosting meetings via Zoom and if you just fancy feeling fab for a while or getting rid of the hangovers for good, there’s a ridiculous amount of alcohol free drinks out there at the moment.

This post is quite literally the most random I’ve ever written. I think the point of it was to get me back into writing my feelings down. It’s a challenge that’s been on it’s way for a few weeks. I’ve so much to say about the pandemic like a lot of people but we’ve all got such strong, differing opinions it’s difficult to express them. My advice would be to ignore and move on from comments on social media. Getting involved with that crap gets you nowhere.

I’ve been laid in bed awake since 0530 and I started this post about an hour later. It’s now just after 0800 and I’ve got JT shoving her bum into my side and Daisy the Beagle UNDER the covers (that only happens on ‘washing the duvet day’) with one paw shoved in my side and I’m clinging onto the bed. They’re both making that cute and comfy snory noise and it’s definitely a happy place. Work starts in 15 mins though so I need to shift myself and leave them to it.

I wish you all the best for 2021 and let’s hope the vaccine will bring an end to all this suffering and we will move on to better times very quickly. Peace out ✌️


  • Happy New Year to you! Our Covid experiences sound almost exactly the same, down to the timing! Agree with you on everything else too – astounded at how ignorant people are, and it’s really not that big a deal to skip the pub for awhile. People need to be more creative with their socializing. We’ve had lots of fun seeing friends outdoors even in the cold. The end is in sight!!

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  • Claire!
    I’m so sorry, honey!
    In the states it’s devastating.
    I’m so glad you guys are not too sick!
    As I care for my 95 year old, mom, I am worried as safe as I try to be I’ll get it.
    But she got her first shot! And will soon get her second!

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    • Hi I am Claire’s mum. I can’t imagine how hard it has been for people in the USA. I think it has been a lot more devastating than here. Hopefully now you have a new administration things will improve and the vaccine will be more widely available…Good luck..xx

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    • Thanks, Wendy. Sending you all hugs 💕 I enjoy seeing photos and updates of your lovely mom. That’s great news about her getting the vaccine! Fingers crossed for you all. Xx

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  • So glad you are out the your side of that one! I had my vaccine on NYE and just hoping that once more people start having theirs we can begin to move forward again. Stay strong. Xx

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