238 days richer

Before I start let's just take a moment to celebrate England's 6-1 victory today. Oh yes, what a match! If we keep playing like that we'll be doing alright. Maybe it was because I wore my lucky shirt today? So, back to me being rich. I'm not motivated by money and I find it quite... Continue Reading →

My birthday and being back home

It seems ages ago now but I went home for a couple of weeks at the beginning of the month. It was my 39th birthday and I'd actually booked a holiday but decided to cancel and be around my family and friends instead. I didn't know how I'd feel with the no drinking whilst away... Continue Reading →

234 days happier

There's very few occasions that drinking did make me genuinely happy. At the time I thought I was happy and enjoying myself but now I realise that a lot of the time I was drinking at home and not really enjoying it. There was even times when I was out with friends and I wasn't... Continue Reading →

207 days sober

As the tag line says on this site "sobriety delivers everything alcohol promised". That is very true but getting sober has actually brought a lot more to my life than I originally expected. Obviously, I knew I'd feel better sober but the main thing I wanted in the early days was to stop feeling depressed,... Continue Reading →

It’s like Groundhog Day

It's Saturday afternoon and I'm in Costa again. Although many of you know I do love Costa it's getting a bit ridiculous now. It's a regular routine and each day is pretty much like the title of this post. Monday to Friday it's work, gym, tea, blogging or Netflix then bed. Saturday it's usually think... Continue Reading →

200 days sober!

When I first started out on my recovery journey I remember saying to my mum "how great would it be if I got to 100 days sober?". I'm absolutely thrilled and so proud of myself that I've managed to double that. I am 200 days SOBER I am 200 days HAPPIER I am 200 days... Continue Reading →

AF drinks (again)

I've made it quite clear throughout my blog posts that I'm a fan of alcohol free drinks and I'm well aware they're not for everyone. Every time I post about them I get quite a lot of messages from people saying they don't trust them or telling me to be careful as AF drinks can... Continue Reading →

It’s good to be paranoid

As someone who overthinks almost everything in life, since I quit drinking I've been paranoid about accidentally drinking alcohol. Imagine being at an event and picking the wrong glass up by mistake then tasting the alcohol and all the hard work has been ruined. Having to start from day 1 again! I'd be absolutely gutted.... Continue Reading →

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