Our trip to The Lakes … (with video!)

We’ve been back a couple of weeks now but I wanted to write about our trip because it was just what I needed and we had such a lovely time. My mum and Mick are always off on some kind of jolly and they decided to book this and ask me to tag along. Staying 3 night’s in The Lake District at a beautiful lodge with hot tub – I was so excited!

This would have never happened if I was still drinking. Because they know what a nightmare I would have been once I’d had a few. It’s quite sad really and I’m so pleased I’ve seen the light and managed to turned my life around. It was great spending quality time with them both. I drove up after work so the first night was spent chillin and making the most of the accommodation. I think I ate my own weight in chocolate and biscuits that evening …

On the 2nd day we had a drive over Honister Pass where the views are truly amazing. I love The Lakes and I used to go camping there quite a lot but I never appreciated things like I do now. I was always going through some kind of anxiety episode, or panicking about some random thing that never turned into anything, or in some hungover state so I was never really interested in much when I was out and about. All I was interested in was where my next beer was coming from!

Don’t ask me why but all I could think about when my mum mentioned the break in The Lakes was going on a rowing boat. I hadn’t been on one for years and this became my mission. On the 3rd day I managed to convince my mum to come and row row row the boat on Derwent Lake with me. Well, I say that but she actually had strict orders to sit down and stay still. We absolutely loved it and the weather couldn’t have been better …

I won’t be signing up for the boat race any time soon. We were only out there for an hour and I was absolutely knackered!

Mick loves a drive so after the day’s cardio we set off for St Bees on the coast. We called at a lovely country pub at Silloth for something to eat. It’s crazy how much has changed since I stopped drinking. I don’t take any notice of the bar anymore. I’d be the first there in the old days ordering the drinks in. All I’m interested in now is the food on the menu and that’s why I have to keep my exercise up. Otherwise I’d be 30 stone in no time! I’d rather be how I am now though as I wasn’t eating properly at all before. I could go out for a meal and not eat anything because alcohol almost instantly took my appetite away.

So after the meal at Silloth we headed to St Bees where we had ice cream (talking got my mum a free one so she had 2!) and I went for a walk along the coast whilst they chilled looking out to sea.

I absolutely loved every minute of it and so did they. It’s nice to be able to go away for a few days and not wake up with the hangover from hell or worry about what I did the night before. The best thing of all is seeing my mum having such an amazing time without having to worry about my stupid antics. There’s so many reasons why quitting alcohol is the best decision I ever made ❤

Thanks for reading xxx

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