Half marathon training and work permits

I’m in rant mode so be warned…

The half marathon training is going well so far. Not that I know much about running but I think it is anyway, haha! I’m using one of Bupa’s training plans as it’s the only one I’ve found that doesn’t involve going to the gym. Now I know I should go to the gym and I know it’ll help stop injuries but I also know me and I know I won’t go.  I’ve wasted so much money on gym memberships over the years and signing up to another contract really wouldn’t be a good idea. I haven’t really stuck to the training plan but I haven’t not stuck to it either. I’ve been back and forth across the Irish Sea like a headless chicken these last few weeks so running four times per week has been pretty difficult. I don’t have time to go running when I’m visiting family and friends and I don’t really fancy carting my kit either so I decided if I have to miss one of the sessions in a week, I’ll just repeat that week the week after. So, I’m 4 weeks into my training but still on week 3. Then I have to miss my long run on Sunday so next week I’ll repeat this week. I hope this is making sense to you because I’m already dizzy typing it. Here’s the training plan …


I haven’t got a race time in mind – just finishing would be nice! Obviously I’d like to run the whole thing and getting a decent time would be nice but I’m trying to be realistic here. The training has massively helped with my recovery and it’s keeping me busy which is what it’s all about I guess. The race date isn’t until October and I’m thinking of entering a 10k before then but we’ll see what happens. Here’s some pics of me trying to look like a proper runner …

Right, the other thing I want to talk about is this stupid work permit situation. Now I get that the Isle of Man wants to protect it’s own workers but it doesn’t make sense at all. The basic rules are that unless you’re married to someone who doesn’t require a work permit or you’ve been resident on the island 5 years then you need a work permit. I’ve applied for the fire brigade who are actually asking people to apply but they can’t accept my application because of these government rules. What is ridiculous is that the station manager actually called asking me to apply again when I don’t require a work permit because I’m the optimum age for a female application. I’m not being funny but I can’t see there being that many ladies on the Isle of Man applying for the fire brigade and they’re actually asking females to apply so it just seems stupid to me. Anyway, enough of the fire brigade. I went for an interview a couple of weeks ago and everything went really well. Unfortunately, the job was given to someone else with similar experience but didn’t need the permit – I can’t really argue with that one as we had the same experience. Today’s news was a real kick in the stomach. Basically, I have the most suitable experience and would have got the job if I didn’t need a work permit! This person may not be Manx. It could be someone who’s lived here for less time than me but just doesn’t need a work permit. It’s all wrong and makes me angry and want a drink. Obviously, I won’t have one but that’s how it makes me feel. So, to those people that keep telling me the work permit isn’t a problem … it is and nothing is going to change unless I get married. That’s very unlikely! Haha.

On a more positive note, it’s not the end of the world because I’m in a job until October at least. I love the place and I like the people but I just want a bit more security for my own peace of mind.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a fabulous evening whatever you get up to.

I’m having some AF Budweiser and watching more Breaking Bad …

Claire xxx


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