It’s good to be paranoid

As someone who overthinks almost everything in life, since I quit drinking I’ve been paranoid about accidentally drinking alcohol. Imagine being at an event and picking the wrong glass up by mistake then tasting the alcohol and all the hard work has been ruined. Having to start from day 1 again! I’d be absolutely gutted. It was discussed at one of my SMART Recovery meetings and apparently if you drink alcohol unintentionally you don’t have to reset your counter. Whatever the rules, I know I’d be devastated and I’m going to put whatever I can in place to stop that happening. I don’t want alcohol to ever pass my lips again. It was also mentioned at the SMART meeting about food with alcohol in it. I guess this is something that each individual should decide for themselves. I’ve read that cooking sauces can be a trigger for some alcoholics. As I was more of a binge drinker and my problem was not knowing when to stop I don’t consider this a problem for myself. I wouldn’t order a dessert with Baileys poured all over it but I have had BBQ ribs with JD sauce as I’m thinking if it’s cooked then it’s different. I don’t know – tweet me, comment, inbox, let me know and let’s discuss. I’m interested what you all think about this. So, because I’m paranoid of accidentally drinking alcohol I always drink from the bottle, whenever I can. If I get in the habit of this then there’s no chance of me picking the wrong drink up because mine has ‘alcohol free’ on it. I was at a restaurant a couple of weeks ago and when I told the waitress I didn’t need the glass she offered me, she said “oh yes, drinking from the bottle looks cooler”. What a ridiculous thing to say and let’s face it, anyone who knows me knows I don’t need to drink from the bottle to look cool 😉 Seriously though, it is kind of a problem now. I went on a date last weekend and we ended up down Canal Street. For the sake of this blog (and my nosey friends) we’ll call my lovely date Katy. It was a gorgeous day, the sun was shining and everyone was outside so we had to have our drinks poured into plastic glasses (is it even a glass if it’s plastic?). Oh the problems this caused in my head! Whilst trying to make conversation and be ‘normal’, the thought of drinking out of something that wasn’t the original bottle made me feel weird and unsure.  I needed those reassuring ‘alcohol free’ words on my drink. There was a point when Katy caught me off guard and gave me a funny look. She asked me if I was alright and I changed the subject and got away with weirdness! “I’m having a slight panic because they’re making me drink out of this fuckin thing” isn’t really something I wanted to say on a first date, haha! I did get over it in the end and managed to finish my drink 🙂

My paranoia turned out to be a good thing whilst shopping in Tesco a couple of weeks ago. As I was browsing the alcohol free section I came across a new version of G&T. Only to find it was actually 5% alcohol and had been placed on the wrong shelf. As you can see below, the packaging is very similar and they are both reduced calorie. Not the best for people trying to stick with their recovery. It wasn’t a case of someone dumping the 4 pack there because they’d decided they didn’t want it either as there was a shelf full of them. This was a massive #TescoFail case in my eyes and I was on Twitter tweeting my dissatisfaction within minutes, complete with photo evidence. I was one day away from 6 months sober and had I not double checked the label for the abv. I could have been in big trouble when I got home. I politely asked a member of staff to remove them which he did but then I felt I needed to explain myself and turned into the alcohol preacher I said I never would be. I dread to think what the poor lad said to his colleagues at break time. When I got back to the car I tweeted Tesco with details of the problem and they replied pretty quickly with an apology saying they would look into the situation straight away. Just over a week later they contacted me again saying they would look into changing the packaging of one of the products. So it just goes to show that being paranoid and sending a polite complaint can be a good thing.

I suggest if you want to stay alcohol free, make sure you double check EVERYTHING! I’m going to start working on my trust issues and drinking out of a plastic container…

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! Xxx


  • I’m not sure if this was before your time, Claire, but I have shared it since…when I accidentally drank actual lager instead of the alcohol free version I had ordered when out at a restaurant over here (staff error) and I was horrified. The strength of emotion really surprised me. The worst part of it was I could feel the tingling sensation in my face as I realised … such a triggering feeling…it could easily have sent me straight down the wrong path.
    Like you I now much prefer to have the bottle in front of me, even if I then pour it into a glass (when I am being posh). On the odd occasion the alcohol-free drink is brought out already in a glass, then I make my husband test-taste it first!

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  • ‘Anonymous’ = Jo Hartley 😘

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  • thesoberraccoon

    Well done for being bold with Tesco! (salute to you)
    Also – its funny, I had exactly the same conversation last wkend with Mr Raccoon about ‘plastic glasses’ and can it be both?! 😂😂

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