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207 days sober

As the tag line says on this site “sobriety delivers everything alcohol promised”. That is very true but getting sober has actually brought a lot more to my life than I originally expected. Obviously, I knew I’d feel better sober but the main thing I wanted in the early days was to stop feeling depressed, anxious, worried and constantly knackered.

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200 days sober!

When I first started out on my recovery journey I remember saying to my mum “how great would it be if I got to 100 days sober?”. I’m absolutely thrilled and so proud of myself that I’ve managed to double that. I am 200 days SOBERI am 200 days HAPPIERI am 200 days RICHERI am 200 days HEALTHIERI am 200

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Being kind to myself

Yesterday I felt like the worst friend in the world. I should be on the boat to Liverpool now but I’ve decided not to make the journey for Graham’s funeral on Monday. It definitely wasn’t an easy decision to make. In fact I’ve been thinking about it all week and had several discussions with friends and family. Losing Graham has

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My week away

It feels like a distant memory now and I’ve only been back 2 days! I had a fab time at home over Easter. I didn’t make many plans as it was crazy when I was there for a week not long ago and I was shattered with all the running around. This time was much more relaxing and I got

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A mother’s perspective

I don’t think people realise how much problem drinking effects family members. Not only has my health improved since I stopped drinking but my mum’s has as well. I’ve always had a close relationship with my mum and she’s the one I go to with ALL my problems (sometimes that isn’t a good thing – haha!). You know when people

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If you’ve nothing nice to say…

I’ve really struggled this week and it’s the first time I’ve had thoughts about drinking since I stopped.  I thought about why it might be.  Obviously the fact it was the anniversary of my dad’s birthday on Saturday hasn’t helped.  I’m probably only just dealing with the grief of his death and the sadness of it all properly now as

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