What a difference a storm makes

My running and 10k steps went completely out the window as soon as The Beast from the East or Storm Emma (whatever you want to call her) arrived this week.  I hate being cold so I’ve stayed in and wrapped up warm.  Cabin fever started to set in today and that’s when my overthinking starts and thinking how nice it would be to open a bottle of red so I needed to get out.  In fact, there’s 2 bottles of beer in the fridge that have been driving me mad all week and I’m thinking of throwing them away.  The only thing is I don’t know who they belong to.  I’ve a feeling they’re mine so if they’re still there tomorrow, I’m going to bin them.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw what damage had been done.  My walk certainly wasn’t as pretty as it was last week!

It was very bleak, cold and miserable out there but it certainly cleared the cobwebs.

My fitness hasn’t been that great recently and I’ve been thinking of setting myself a challenge so I’ve something to aim for.  Strangely enough my friend sent me a message last night asking if I want to do Royal Parks Half Marathon in London.  It’s in October 2018 and raising money for mental health.  I replied with “I’m scared about doing it but yes! Xx”.  So I’ve got precisely 32 weeks to train for a half marathon.  The furthest I’ve ever ran is 10 miles and that was about 4 years ago! I’ve got my work cut out.  So as of tomorrow I’m going to be hitting my 10k steps EVERY DAY, no excuses! 😉 and I need to try and find a training plan that doesn’t involved the gym.  I’m visiting family next week and we’re going to meet up for a proper chat about it.  She’s already sent me photos of her new running gear today so I’ve got some catching up to do!

For now, I’m enjoying a few alcohol free beers and Netflix ❤

Claire xx


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