Clearing my head

I'm not sure how these posts are coming across but I don't want people to think I've led a miserable existence because I haven't.  In fact I've had an absolute blast some weekends and lived a nice lifestyle with a lot of freedom!  I've met some amazing people, some not quite so amazing and ended... Continue Reading →

A mother’s perspective

I don't think people realise how much problem drinking effects family members. Not only has my health improved since I stopped drinking but my mum's has as well. I've always had a close relationship with my mum and she's the one I go to with ALL my problems (sometimes that isn't a good thing -... Continue Reading →

My first 5 steps

When I decided I was going to have a proper go at giving up the booze I knew it wasn't going to happen easily or overnight so I needed to put a plan into place. Like I've said before, I'm in no way whatsoever qualified in recovery and what I say in these posts are... Continue Reading →

If you’ve nothing nice to say…

I've really struggled this week and it's the first time I've had thoughts about drinking since I stopped.  I thought about why it might be.  Obviously the fact it was the anniversary of my dad's birthday on Saturday hasn't helped.  I'm probably only just dealing with the grief of his death and the sadness of... Continue Reading →

What a pair

My lovely dad would have been 81 today but unfortunately, we lost him to a brain tumour 4 years ago. I woke up feeling crap so thought I'd do something positive and write another post. It's crazy how such a small thing can keep you from one of the most important decisions of your life.... Continue Reading →

My reasons for quitting alcohol

Since I've let everyone know about my drink problem one of the most asked questions is "did it really get that bad?" Unfortunately, it did. I forged a lifestyle that fit around being able to drink when I wanted to, which clearly isn't a good thing. I've always been a sociable person but over the... Continue Reading →

My first post

Before I start rambling on, I'll explain what I intend to post here. I'm in no way whatsoever qualified in alcohol recovery but what I am good at is finding information when I need it. Over the last few months I've found websites, apps, ideas, hints and tips that have really helped with my recovery... Continue Reading →

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